Founders’ Day 2019

At long last members were able to enjoy bowling on a warm day.

On Saturday November 16th. 12 teams entered the 5 person Mixed Medley event to celebrate Founders Day Event that  recognises the tremendous amount of  effort our founding members put in to setting up Mount Martha Bowls Club.Without their hard work in creating this venue we would not be enjoying the benefits of their labours today.

The Overall and Winners of the Eric Stockdale Trophy presented by his daughter Jennifer Cripps were Peter  & Sue Medson, Larry & Norma Bagley and Dwayne Pearce.

Runners Up were Derek & Shirley Harbour, Wayne Taylor, Jan Bettess and Terry Leech.

The Winners of the Bill Frewin for the Best Mixed Four result of the day were Geoff King, Lavina Penpraze, Glenda Marsh and Ben Bennett