Dress Rules & Practice Times


The approved attire in accordance with the current “Bowls Victoria

Uniform Policy” must be worn in all programmed events and competitions, except neat casual / Mufti may be worn when specified in the programme or when sanctioned by the controlling body.

The Bowls Victoria approved attire must be worn for all Club Championship events plus in all the finals the approved Club Shirt must be worn.

Mufti neat casual wear is permitted for coaching sessions & practice.

FLAT SOLED SHOES or Bowls Vic approved footwear must be worn on all bowling greens at all times.


(a) No practice may commence on the same green while pennant matches are in progress. Practice at other times is permitted subject to the approval of the Greens Director or the appointed Deputy

(b) Booked Coaching sessions and Club matches are to take priority

(c) Neat casual dress is required at all times during practice sessions

(d) When no spare green is available and a game other than pennant is being played in approved uniform, two clear rinks [where possible] should be left between the game in progress and the practice rink.

(e) No play or practice may take place on any green that is designated as being closed on the greens direction board.


Two days before all championship matches are to be played, they must be recorded on the Greenkeepers record sheet located on the outside wall of the bowls office. Matches should only be played on the rinks allocated by the Greens Director or his representative, with direction of play to be played each day as quoted on the greens “Direction of Play” board, except for finals matches that can be played north – South.

Games should not commence before 9.30am.


All bowlers should take care to deliver bowls smoothly. Dents created by dumping or dropping bowls damage the playing surface and harm the grass roots. Bowlers who continue to dump will be asked to seek assistance from a coach.

In keeping with the “Laws of the Game”, rules pertaining to Dumping shall be enforced. Law 2.21 “Damage to the Green” and Law 1.3.12 & Law 2.21 “Use of Ground-sheet/Dump-mat” must be adhered to by all bowlers.