Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a member?  Complete an application form (click here for link to form) or call Andrea on 0409 413 416.

– Adult membership.  The $125 annual membership includes a Pétanque Federation of Australia (PFA) player licence fee of $35 which provides you with Australia-wide injury cover while playing. The Club’s membership year is 1st April – 31st March.

– Junior membership. A junior must be under 18 on the day they join or renew their membership. Their only cost is a PFA Junior player licence at a flat rate of $10 p.a.

What days do you play? 

(Note: These times are applicable during daylight saving). 

Tuesdays : 2-5 pm three 45 minute social games, register at 1:45 pm; Cost $2.

Wednesdays: 12 till 3 pm – three 45 minute social games, register at 11:30 am; Bring your own lunch and chance to have 3 pm drinks in the bar with the Social Bowls players.  Cost $2.

Fridays:2 – 5pm –  three games; Cost $2. Happy Hour to follow.

What should I wear?  The major requirement is that you wear shoes that cover toes and heels for safety reasons. Otherwise casual clothing suitable for exercise is appropriate.  Club shirts are available for purchase but are not compulsory to buy or wear.

How fit do I need to be?  Not particularly but petanque will help keep you active. A game takes 50-60 minutes. We usually play between 2 and 4 games each day. To assess the state of play at first hand, it helps if you walk up and down the piste so it’s good exercise. If you have trouble bending, magnetic ‘lifters’ can help you pick up the boules from the ground.

What equipment do I need?  “Social” boules can be bought at various outlets and are OK if you are only planning to play casual games. If you plan to enter tournament competitions, once you are more experienced, or just want to take the game more seriously you may decide to purchase competition boules as they are much better to use because they come in sizes to suit your hand and weights to suit your style of throwing. (Click here for link on purchasing boules and other equipment).

Do you need any experience? Pétanque is an easy game to learn. It only requires the ability to throw a boule and it is easy to achieve early success. Over time, players will come to realise that there are less obvious complexities of technique and game strategy that make Pétanque the intriguing game that it is.

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