Membership Categories


A fully Affiliated Member can play in any level of game being conducted by the Club, the Division, Region or Interstate , participate in all social activities and have voting rights and can hold office.

The first year fee for a new bowler is $160 including  a Club Shirt, Name Badge, all Bowls Vic and Division capitation fees.


May only play in designated Club mixed social games where official bowls uniform is not required.  They may also play in both the indoor and outdoor winter bowls programmes and can participate in any social activity.  These members have no voting rights nor are they allowed to hold office.  They pay a lower annual subscription.


Can enjoy the the Club’s facilities but as they are not affiliated bowling members so are, therefore, not permitted to bowl on the outside greens.


Have the same rights as full members but must convert to Full Membership on attaining the age of 18.  They pay both reduced annual subscriptions and affiliation fees.  They are not entitled to vote nor hold office.